Our Promise

Our business philosophy is based on the following pillars of our promises to the customers;
 Safe
 Reliable
 Convenient
Our safety program was conscientiously implemented in all areas of regular vehicle operation, inspection and maintenance, drivers qualifications, screening and training sessions for our drivers, turn men and office staff. All our employees are trained on QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety and Environment) system. Our trucks are meticulously checked on arrival from a journey and before every trip to ensure conformity to International accepted safety standards. To enhance control over our trucks, we have installed satellite trucking technology on all our trucks thereby enabling constant communication between the trucks location and the control office removing any reason for worry with regards to the whereabouts of a particular truck.

Jaconinos international strives to be the leader in Logistics, Transport, Plant/Civil Engineering and Heavy lifting solutions second to none in Kenya. We have made sure that our customer’s expectations are met without fail.
Customer total satisfaction remains our top priority. For this reason, we strive to make sure that we take full advantage of every situation that we face to maximize benefits to the customer by minimizing avenues of wastage by properly managing the route plan, driving hours, loading and offloading procedures.


  To exceed customer expectations by providing competitive transport services in an environmentally friendly manner while caring for our stakeholders through;
1. Delivering superior quality service and good value for our clients.
2. Tailoring our products to precisely meet the needs of our clients.
3. Staying close to our clients.
4. Encouraging team spirit, an open management style, a process of performance measurement and continuous improvement

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